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Performative Installation Artist & Reality Researcher and Collector

sophia löwe aka venuswarrior maps existence in multiplicities of layers, materials, wor(l)ds and colours. She is fascinated by the overlap of subjective perspectives that together form narratives of intra-activity. Triggered by composite parts, her installations and paintings can be seen as assemblages of the many versions of herself, best described as candy worlds from bird's eye views, weaving ready-made objects into process-based dreamscapes. sophia's visual work is inspired by her academic work on black feminist metaphysics and poetics, creating networks, rather than binaries, building both/and spaces inspired by wombs of both warmth and menacing menstruation pains. sophia is a collector of artefacts of (past) worlds yet to come and an experimental researcher of utopian imagination. Complicated multi-dimensional, sometimes overwhelming multi-media works are the result. Often accompanied by essays, poems, drawings and wool-work.

This website is an archive of creation in multiple layers. In each of the tabs you will find: 

- Archive of Thoughts : poems/daydreams

- Archive of Moments : installations, performances, exhibitions

- Paint & Pencil : drawings and paintings

- Essays & Stories : (Academic) Essays, Theses, longer texts & stories

"I thank everybody in this book for coming,

AW, author and medium

(Alice Walker "The Color Purple" 1982)