'Het resort' presents: 0622272082

Monument - For Sale?

This work is a collaborative work together with Klaske Bootsma and Riane Pater. The work has been part and parcel of a 1-month residency program organized by Het Resort. In a full collaboration we together transformed the monument, an old BIM Gasstation in Groningen, into a space of uncanny absurdity. Throughout our communal working period we made room for our shared fascination of routines, objects and processes that surround all of us on the daily basis. Altering whats already there in order to morph meanings. The work is and was a space and time dependant installation, the documentation of which is visible here. The exact experience will continue creating itself within the memories of those who came to see it. 

Thank you Klaske, Riane & everyone who helped, came by and shared.

"Nothing creates something, creates nothing again."

We thank het resort for kindly providing us with contact and exchange with Esther de Graaf, Feiko Beckers, Alban Karsten, Steven Jouwersma, Anna-Rosja Haverman and Vanessa van 't Hoogt. We had many guiding conversations, fun trips and valuable workshops. 

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All photos taken and provided by: Het Resort (Ellen den Haag& Karina Bakx) and Riane Pater
(All Rights Reserved)