Birthday Cake
holding on to nothing
no calls today
room with a view
noch 2?
fallen trees
dead sea scrolls
hallo? ja, ich bin in Zürich

This work was developed at (and thanks to) the Kunsthuis SYB in Beetserzwaag in Friesland (Netherlands) in March 2018.

Together with Jannes Bürkner ( we had 24 hours to bring together our creative forcesto create and play with the given space. Together we form the artist collective ZÜRICH. Our collective work is a mix between natural recycling and fine tuned color combinations. 

Both of us work in mostly three-dimensional spaces, assembling materials, using the aspect of space and location as an opportunity for metamorphosis. This is why we see this as an opportunity not just to work together, but also to explore a new territory, in collaboration and location. It follows that we were excited to work with found materials on spot with the surrounding nature and the local community. We believe that every production cycle starts a creative process, beginning a new cycle, moving away from functionality and its original purpose and towards a newer and distorted version of itself. As we approach art from two very different starting points, we are willing to explore the tension field created between these two points.

The amazing photos were taken by the best video maker, musician, artist and person Hache Smith, whos work can be found here:

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