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About Sophia Löwe


“I am a Saturn who dreams of being a Mercury, and everything I write reflects these two impulses.” -Italo Calvino


Performative Installation Artist and Reality Researcher & Collector


The here presented collection of selves is a diverse and dynamic multi-layered “society” of beings, the unity of which is called Sophia Löwe. 

Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek. Sophia (wisdom), Sophia (Gnosticism)

Sophia may also refer to: Sophia (given name), a given name (including lists of people with the name)

Toponymy Niulakita or Sophia, an island of Tuvalu and Sophia, West Virginia

Letters Sophia (journal), a periodical about religious and theological philosophy and Sophia (novel) by Charlotte Lennox (1762)

Music Sophia (British band) and Sophia (Japanese band) and Sophia (singer) or Sophia Abrahão, pop singer from Brazil and Sophia (The Crüxshadows EP) and Sophia (Sophia EP) and "Sophia" (Nerina Pallot song) and "Sophia" (Laura Marling song) and "Sophia", a song by Good Shoes from Think Before You Speak and "Sophia", a song by Laura Nyro from Mother's Spiritual and "Sophia", a song by Six Organs of Admittance from Dust and Chimes

Other Sophia (robot), a humanoid robot and Saudi Arabian citizen developed in Hong Kong (2017) and 251 Sophia, a main belt asteroid (1885) and Operation Sophia or EU Navfor Med, a European Union Naval Force operation in the Mediterranean (2015) and name of a vehicle in Blaster Master (1988)

SOPHIA Society for the Promotion of Himalayan Indigenous Activities (SOPHIA), nongovernmental organization based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India (1996) and

SOPHIA (European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children), a cooperative educational organization

Löwe or Loewe (German for "lion") may refer to:
Business Loewe (electronics), a German television sets and other electronics maker and LOEWE (fashion brand), a Spanish luxury clothing and accessories brand and Löwe Automobil, a German automotive parts manufacturer
Military Panzer VII Löwe, a WW2 German tank project and HNoMS Gyller (1938), a Norwegian warship captured by Nazi Germany and renamed Löwe
Other Nordische Löwe, a ship owned by the Danish East India Company and Der Löwe (1944–1973), a racehorse and stud stallion


As becomes visible here, the interests and influences of Sophia Löwe’s vary wildly. They are fascinated by the overlap of perspectives and the unique experience of each. The iddy-biddy glimpse into the inside of a seashell. They make use of colors and shapes of their immediate surrounding trying to form(ulate) new narratives.


-Beware of the Ocopoctalypse-





Bachelor in Psychology (University of Groningen)

2014- 2018

Bachelor in Fine Arts (Academie Minerva, Groningen)


September 2016- January 2017

UDEM Monterrey (Artes)


2017- 2020

Research Master in Religion and Culture (University of Groningen)


(Group) Exhibitions

November 2016: Group Exhibition "Espacios Temporales"
(UDEM, Galeria 2)

Monterrey, Mexico


May 2017: Group Exhibition "LooppooL"
(Sign Galerie)

Groningen, Netherlands

February 2018:

Group exhibition
"Tell me Y"
(Y2 Gallery)

Groningen, Netherlands

April 2018:

"24h Residency"
together with Jannes Buerkner as artist collaborative team "Zürich"

(Kunsthuis SYB)

Beesterzwaag, Netherlands


April 2018:

"Two Peas in A Pot"
shown at group exhibition "El día después de San Valentín"
(Malteada la Vida)

Monterrey, Mexico


July 2018:

“Headliners” Minerva Endexpositie

(Oude Zuikerunie)

Groningen, Netherlands


September-October 2018:


Artist Residency @ het resort

(oude Bim Station)

Groningen, Netherlands

25.October, 2018:
"Mothernode4- Multisensory Frequencies"

open performance with Hendrik Hantschel

(NP3 Gallerie)

Groningen, Netherlands


"Creative Sunday"

Live Painting Session with live music by HALA 

(Atelier 'Il Sole in Cantina)

Groningen Netherlands


"Time is Money"

Group Performance

(Parnassos Community Centre @Utrecht University)

Utrecht, Netherlands


March, 2019:

Opening speech at Exhibition "Lamu- Enchanted

Island" by Michel Ptasinski,
Paderborn, Germany

8. June,2019:

exhibiting 3 paintings from the series "Staying with the Trouble"

Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap

Travis Alabanza @ Praedinius Singel, 

Academia Minerva, Groningen, NL


"Okay, Brunch Forever" by Carolina Burandt (


Bierumer School

Bierum, NL

18. January- 19. February:


Group Exhibition Filler IV

SIGN Projectspace 

Groningen, NL 

May 2020:


online exhibition

7th May:

Performative Oracle Reading

Stichting Artisbook, Groningen

Instagram Live

Academic Speaking Engagements:

February 2019: 

‘Designing the body. Agency and embodiment in researching African-Dutch women’s

lives.’ with Dr. Brenda Bartelink,

Talking and Walking; Exploring Intersections of Embodiment and Agency in

Religious-secular Formations.

Noster/CRCG thematic seminar,
Groningen, NL

May 2019:

"Medusa as 'sensational form' in Yugen Blarok's Gorgon Madonna"

Masterclass with Birgit Meyer: Religion and the Image Question

Koninklijk Instituut Rome,


June 2019:

"Dare to be an Octopus, Dare to be Creative"

Counterpoint Event: Bio-Diversity and Hegemonic Power

Groningen, NL

"Sa-Roc: The Goddess MC- Where Religious Imagery meets Hip Hop Feminism"

OPEN SESSION: Literature and modern Western Esotericism: continuities and changes

17th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR):

Religion- Continuations and Disruptions

Tartu, Estonia

"Situating oneself towards Discourse, Meaning and Matter in the Study of Religion"

OPEN SESSION: Discursive Study of Religion

17th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR):

Religion- Continuations and Disruptions

Tartu, Estonia


Brenda Bartelink, Gabriela Bustamante, Lerina Kwamba, Sophia Löwe "Embodied stories: African-Dutch
women narrate (in-)visibility and agency in the city of The Hague" LOVA Journal for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology 41, December 2020.