Fish:How are you?
Lamp:How am I?
Fish:What’s your damage, I mean
Lamp:What’s mine is yours
Fish:Today I found a dead robot in the bathtub, it didn't move no more. I brought it outside for fresh air, but it didn't want to breath.
Lamp:Do you want to breath?
Fish:I think with every breath one takes, one loses a screw and slowly the parts seem to become independent.
Lamp:Electronic devices explode in water, the explosion creates life in a new universe. Do you want to live in a new universe?
Fish:Well, do I want to live in a new universe you ask I want to be your damage, the thing that eats you up from the inside, slowly bites its way through the electronics of your organs and with excruciating pain builds a tunnel under your skin.
Lamp:A parasite you mean
Fish:A parasite I mean What if that parasite eats its way through all the trees and all the forests and all the humans and all the animals and even all the floating wood on our whole entire planet?
Lamp:Well what if the world wasn’t round and you wouldn’t even be in it?
Fish:We’ve been at this point before
Lamp:What if the sky would bend and tell us tomorrow, that we got it all wrong, all along
Fish:The robots are gonna love this, this beautiful disaster Us, the beautiful and damned One of us eating up the other that’s just fucking magnificent and they’ll be oiling their screws, while they listen to the sky tell us the whole fucking truth about how we are nothing Lamp:Nothing is another of these terms that are literary replaceable Fish:Because nothing is replaceable
Lamp:Well you can buy screws and nuts in any home depot store, can’t you? Walnuts and Hazelnuts and Peanuts Walnuts shaped like little human brains If I were to buy something, I would buy a fish, and I would have a blue fish and I would call it Joseph Beuys
Fish:Well you don’t seem to be the brightest, but if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have a shadow
Lamp: If it wasn’t for you, I would be alone in the light.


"It's not about you" 
Installation with Plexiglass, Lightbulb and Siamese Fighting Fish named "Beuys" (2015)

Fishing for compliments part II #boatart
Fishing for compliments #desperateart

"Fishing for Compliments" 
Performance (2015)


"Why do fish swim in a crowd?"

Painting with aluminium foil and gouache (2015)


"Swimming between the poles" 

Installation with color pigment, bell pepper, paraffin oil, blue paint (2016)

Blue shadows #alwaysandforeverblue #song

"All that lies below"

Photo (2016)


Installation with water filled balloons & video (2016)