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was a time and space dependant installation at SIGN project space January 2020. The installation was part of the group exhibition FILLER IV, which gave 3 multi-media artists the chance to present their autonomous stages; "installations that shape an environment of its own in SIGN. Expect strong visual enticing settings that play with expectations and are meant to be for interdisciplinary performances of the artists."


(installation, research, workshop)

“We tend to slip out of the womb, the way we slip out of togetherness, bloody, messy & surprised to be alone.

And clever- able to learn with our whole bodies the ways of this world.”
(adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy, 2016, 10)

Journalist Anna Koslerova wrote an article about period poverty and prejudice for UKRANT, in which EISPRONG 2020 work was featured. I want to thank Anna for giving me the space to talk about my work.
The in the video mentioned quote is from Adrienne Maree Brown's book "Emergent Strategy."