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On being beautiful and damned

We are the beautiful and damned We are the ones that are stuck in an image of time a memory lost in space We are the ugly and the blessed We are the lost and the found We are the representation of better times when we are wandering in the dark. We mean the world with the worst intentions, We are the ghosts of the past and the illusions of the present We will never leave your side, watching you from afar, breathing every breath you take, while we suffocate your individuality with intimacy We are taking secrets with us to the grave while we hide truths and tell lies We are your worst nightmare and your sweetest dream We destroy your imagination with a dagger called reality We are night and day a light-flooded room in the middle of the night We are the stars and the moon in a universe far beyond the scope of our minds We are walking down the milky way, holding hands and longing for the the sun We are the constructors of your brain building bricks of cotton in your crowded mind We are not going to leave you alone We stick around in good and in bad We fantasise about your death, whilst we live to the purest We break your heart and your dignity We are your destiny, giving your thoughts away like fortune cookies selling our souls to the devil, We are the angels, guarding you from your own cruelty, flanking the devil on his throne We survive, while you die a thousand deaths, We are the once waiting at hell’s port to welcome you home We carry your baggage, when it is filled with feathers, We inspire your slightest move, We are the reckless, we are the power of your mind We exist only for you, yet ignoring your presence, We are the gluons that bind your quarks to atoms. We are everywhere, We are the universal thought of everything, Broken down to suit your needs. We are forever yours.

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