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Thoughts about Nietzsche and Nihilism

“Creativity is about making space and deeply listening to our lives and world around us; seeing beneath the surface of things to the depths of dimension of the world: opening ourselves to the newness that stirs there; developing a relationship to mystery; cultivating a sense of playfulness and spontaneity; and giving form in a loving and intentional way to our commitments.”

Thoughts about Nietzsche and Nihilism

Everything we are is made up by us, the world as it is stands in no relation to our perception of it. The universe we live in is so vast and powerful, that our existence as humans doesn’t matter.

We are one species, out of many species on earth.

1 planet out of many, in

One solar system out of many.

Not only is our existence “unimportant” also all morals and rules that were set by us are to some extent irrelevant.

There is no universal truth.

There are many truths, but not one universal truth.

This invites us to individually assess what we can and want to do with our lives. We are set free to make our life worthwhile,

Because we set our own goals

Our own standards by which we handle this gift of life, that was so graciously given to us.


You are not the center of anybody’s universe, but yours.

Everybody is just concerned with making his/her life worthwhile, in the limits of their own boundaries and standards.

It is a relief to know/understand this,

Because it could mean the ultimate act of mental freedom.

To understand that we as humans are taking everything and especially ourselves as too important should be the first thing we learn.

This consciousness of ours has led to a disillusion of greatness. But consciousness itself does not mean we know how to use it. Just because you own a car, does not mean you can drive it either.

To understand that there is no need for wars, because everything we fight about completely made up by ourselves.

At its worst by one or more individuals of a diverse society, which follows one set of rules.

If people understand this unimportance, they would see that there is no need for aggression, because in the end the only one who is hurt by this is oneself, because other life by other standards of pain.


“Die Maya hätten ein Wort für Weisheit gehabt, dass übersetzt ‘kleiner Blitz’ heißt.”

(“It says the Mayas would have had a word for wisdom, that translated means ‘little lightning bolt’”)

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