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Aphorisms on Love

Everything that is is love.

To be means to love, because it originates in love itself.

Love is what creates (our) energy.

In every fibre of being, there is love.

Everything is love,

it has merely to be recognized and felt.

Love is not a feeling,

love is creation.

We can augment love by feeling it

and inflaming it in ourselves and others.

Warmth and love are one

and they remain for me to be distributed and catalyzed.

I am responsible for loving those around me,

for warmth is communal.

In the face of sorrow, love can shine.

She can look at sorrow and she can with him,

because sorrow exists only through love.

Love can wind itself around the sorrow and

show him that it understands and internalizes its being to its core, for love does not destroy sorrow,

it is sorrow and it is the only thing that can

guide it into transformation, for it sits at the deep end of its existence.

I want to love you in a way that makes you love love,

I want to radiate love and ignite love within your being.

If I can help create that love within yourself -

that is the kind of love of I want to have for you.

I want to help distribute love,

because it is the only thing that we all have

and that can create meaning and warmth and light.

Everything that grows is love,

because growing means loving,

we are all

because the sun creates energy by means of love

the sun creates love in us,

the sun gives us external warmth

and we have to find that warmth within ourselves

it is the ultimate hint that we get

the sun,

that gives love,

so we can help spread it,

within ourselves

and within others.

Beauty is because of love

it is its purest sign

Everything that I do.

I do because I love,

the only thing that keeps me doing (it)

is because

I love doing (it)

Love is what drives me

and if I recognize the power of its being,

it can show in everything I do.

All the work that I do,

I do for love.

I do not without it

and I shall dedicate my physical and all other forms of being to love.

For love is-

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