• Sophia L

On Love - Again

What I mean by love is

not the hedonistic pleasure of loving someone

the love that i mean is not something one can give.

It is not something one can possess in the first place.

The love that I mean is there. It is always here, too.

It cannot be produced

for in its attempt one will forget to receive it.

The love I mean is the fabric of you and I and everyone we know.

It is what makes music and art and dreams.

It is what grows trees and roots and blossoms, too.

It seeks for recognition

It seeks for open arms

for it is the spirit that is sent from the sun

to keep the world together.

It is the only fuel we need.

And it is all there

and it is always here, too.

It is in the breath

and in the heart

it is in every cloudy day and in every word we say

It's when we are-

when we are

without existing

that we can

be humble

to receive

what is given.


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