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why feelings are important to me

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The other day you asked me why feelings are so important to me. I did not know how to answer, because I did not know how to translate my emotions into thoughts, so that language could express what I meant you to feel. Why are emotions and feelings important to me?

I started questioning this “truth” that I had believed in so strongly. I knew they were, I could feel they were. I knew that when my heart was okay, my head was too. But not vice versa. But why?

Feelings are important, because they are what bind us together. Whilst thoughts float around in our head only, lost in translation, never fully able to be expressed, emotions and feelings are what draws us towards one another. What makes us hate and love. Feelings are what makes us interact with one another. Feelings are the basis for our interaction.

People who can feel how it is to walk in somebody else’s shoes are the ones that will look around and see an old lady on the bus looking for a seat. They will see her desperate look and the absent mindedness of all the people around her. They will get up and offer the old lady their seat, because they can feel that their comfort of sitting is worth so much less than that ladies fear of falling.

People who feel pay attention to other people’s feelings. Because once you feel yourself in your body you feel also everyone else’s self in their bodies. If you feel hurt when someone steps on your foot, or breaks your heart, it seems intuitively apparent that everyone else must feel the same.

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