• Sophia L

On Vulnerability

When I think about vulnerability, I think about putting down the weapons and taking a step back.

I think about the dissolution of a hierarchy through an act of surrender.

flying the white flag-

allowing the Other to enter.

But: doesn’t that revolve around power? Aren’t I giving up the power with this act? Intentionally making myself the ‘weaker’ one?

where do I find the gap between power and powerless? can I have neither

and expose my wounds in that place too?

Existence outside the binary of weak and strong

may be a sign of strength

after all

However, if there is no fight upheld for you

to fight with

If there is no counterforce to your present force

of which you control the direction of

If the wind does not turn

but stands still

all of the sudden


becomes a noise

a change in rhythm

for now

the absence makes

the beat

meaning as presence

a lack of meaning as absence

an inbetween


we want the grey silence

the spectrum of none-colors

a space in which

I can turn my insides out

tell you all my fears

and cry

with tears that don’t mean


but are simply water

running down my cheeks

and my collarbone



and finding a home

in the fabric

adorning my personal area

its heat

turns into vapor

that little drop of water

no sign of weakness

or of strength

just another raindrop

on a cloudy winter day.

My emotions are not good,

nor bad

they are

and so am I.-

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