• Sophia L

watching a video of an octopus slapping a fish

watching a video of an octopus slapping a fish

I was awkwardly reminded of

how it feels

when you wake up in the morning

with good intend in mind

you peel the blanket off your skin

and you lift yourself up

you get ready to

walk down the street


you think to yourself that today


Is gonna be YOUR day

thinking that


you are going to do all those things you thought you should have done yesterday


and the day before

and you find yourself thinking

and walking



when you reach your location of walk

you will grip the day by its horns

and fight it like a real human


you walk by the market

and you see all those

dead fish

lined up to stare at you

like a prisoners last walk

down death row

your thoughts start shaking and flapping their flippery fins

a stream so smooth

the disruption


the cloud of fish

in a deuce of stir

a turmoil of open thoughts with no ends

fins failing to find their forefish

to follow the stream of-

this is the moment

the feelers have been waiting for

an utter state of chaos

and slowly they extend their feelers

feeling around the thoughts

kettling some of the smaller fish

between the grip of their slurpy tentacles

guiding them into the void

of feelers

and feelings

one fish swims all alone

one of the good thoughts

one of the ones that was fighting for a productive day ahead

when all of the sudden

a feeler out of nowhere

suckers slapping its side

the poor fish

had woken up this morning

with good intend in mind

to peel the blanket of their skin

to lift themselves up

and float through the streets

of underwater Disneyland-

as she walks by the marketplace

she hears the dead fish scream for help

the octopus in hear heart

drowns all the fish

in a swampy pool of last night’s left over feelings.

“One portion of fried fish with mayonnaise, please.”

She hears her own voice say

and a deep and heavy chuckle resounds from the gorge of her gut.

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