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A We-story of the Venus Warriors

(Edited excerpt from "Adventures on a Purple Planet")

At some point, someone had the idea, for efficiency purpose of course, to develop a human body that would only consist of floating heads.

Bodies became more and more obsolete.

Floating heads were the new thing.

But what nobody had thought about was that “the soul rests at the heart level”.

It follows that, If there were no hearts for it to rest in, the soul would just leave the body.

It just just so happened, that not just one soul left its body, but all of them, at some point.

Can you imagine that? All the souls started leaving their bodies to form thick grey clouds above the earth.

From then on the world was filled with darkness.

The souls, devastated about the rejection of their bodies, started crying

and crying.

And crying.

It comes to no surprise then

that it began

to rain

and rain


all the time in Leela-land.

Until, one day, the souls were sick of crying and instead of tears, they decided to throw bananas down. Purple bananas they were,

to put the floating heads out of their stride.

So, for one day in Leela-land it rained purple bananas.

Directly from the sky.

And oh how it did bamboozle the heads.

The dark heads were sincerely surprised.

Something this far out of the norm hadn’t occurred to them in any kind of memoryfile in their brains. This broke their probability economy into a million pieces.

Computers were calculating

and calculating

And calculating

The darkness grew unbearably dark and damp.

Sinister steam clouds came out of the big machines assigned to reconfigure the future.

The future that had at this point been able to function on the basis of probability calculations. It had worked for a ridiculous long amount of time, had the routine become so circular and repetitive, an endless loop of bodiless limbo. The future was perfectly foreseeable.

Now, the planet was in complete chaos

(as it initially had been, too.)

The souls that, were watching the spectacle from the sky, started laughing

- had they not reckoned for the absurdity of the chaos that would beleaguer the earth.

And they really hadn’t seen such silliness in a long time.

After some passing moments,

it became quiet in Leela-land.

The soul-clouds cleared up and made space for a vibrant purple light illuminating the sky of the planet.

From then on, the souls did not rain watery tears or purple bananas anymore, but lavender seeds.

The lavender was sent by the souls to spread soothing and comforting energies. To open sincere dialogue and bolster emotional exchange. This way the souls hoped to encourage some of the lost emotions to flourish.

The planet itself started prospering again.

The current situation thus looked as follows:

The heads with hands were silently buzzing slightly above the surface, whilst the surface itself had grown into a desert of curry (randomly, the curry had replaced the sand at a point where the sand had become so hot, that it fell apart into smaller pieces and the smaller they got, the hotter in flavor the pieces got. They had to compensate the hotness into another vessel. Be that as it may, from one day to another, Leela-land had been covered in deserts of curry). The souls were still floating, at distant length above, in thick white polka dots on the ceiling.

On a particularly radiant morning, the soul- clouds could not take it anymore. The heat had gotten so overwhelming and the constant radiation from both, the sun and the reflective layer of blobs, had finally led the clouds to start burning. From one minute to the next, everything was illuminated. The fire spread faster than an eye´s blink. A compact layer of purple burning flames and fumes formed around the planet. The souls were burning their last energies, channelling all their left over powers into one thick purple layer of love, for this was the strongest kind of energy that souls could produce.

It was an act of desperation on the one hand side and an act of incredible dedication and devotion on the other. It required them to give up all their selfish energies that were needed for the balance of their existence and to pour all their spirits into the same melting pot of love and compassion.

The heads were completely out of order now. In conviction of an apocalypse, all action had been stopped. Now, the best thing to do appeared to safe the last bits of energy by just holding as still as possible.

In the evening of some day of burning stillstand the soil cracked open in several parts.

Careful purple tentacles egress from the soil and slowly caress its surface. The heads were still paralyzed, so there was nobody to be astonished about this abrupt change in events.

It was pretty astonishing though. For long sequences of time there had been discoveries about novel substances in all of the galaxy, but there had been a unanimous consensus about the compilation at the inside. It was thought to consist of lava and stone. Nothing more and nothing less. How on Venus could tentacled creatures live there?

Everything that was, was not so stable anymore. It was swum by an octopus, or octopi, or octopodi, or tentacles for that matter. All this was unknown. What was known was that an ocopoctalypse had occurred.

The silence that had created an atmosphere of discomfort and irritation before, now carried a lightness that made being almost weightless.

Without effort, as if doing was not confused for being any longer.

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