• sophiathelion93

"Poetry is not a Luxury" (to and with Audre Lorde)

is NOT

a reason to call me vain and

dreamy and hopelessly romantic and

far away from “this”


is NOT

your means of telling me

that I am wrong to

weave and knit and quilt (incomplete)

archives of possible wor(l)ds


is NOT

a excuse to

question my ability to

“think straight” or “make sense”

is NOT

an invitation to offer your

insecurities as weapons of

fear (and loathing)

is NOT a “thing

in itself”

a “something” that can be

wrapped in plastic

stamped with a label

that reads ⎣for sale⎤

is NOT making a difference

but making difference acceptable


life affirming

is NOT

the ticking of my grandfathers cuckoo clock

perpetrating silence

penetrating sirens

dictating the iron (c)licking

of a white-grey(/male) machinery

is NOT

yours to keep

is NOT

mine to hold

is (not)


is lifeforce" (JJ)-

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